In these pages, you will find students’ websites delineating their study abroad experiences. The course asks them to reflect on how their worldview has changed particularly in relation to their development of ethnorelative perspectives; their searching for cultural values embedded in language; and their further investigation on a social issue they’ve experienced during their stay. Throughout the course, we as a class practiced ways to communicate complicated emotions and thoughts after returning from being abroad. We struggled with the discomfort of speaking on an unfamiliar social issue in another country. In the process we learn that our voice is not a complete one. However these student constructed websites serve as an attempt to cultivate a responsible and thoughtful opinion derived from reading, researching, thinking, and discussing. We try to be conscious about how these voices are presented and are aware that they will be shaped by our future learning. Nevertheless they are the students’ own expressions at this particular moment of their lives. As their professor I am grateful that they shared their learning journey with me and I hope you will find “traveling” with them by reading these websites rewarding.


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